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“NASA’s Exploration of the Moon: Past, Present, and Future”, AwesomeCon - DC, June 17, 2023

Dr. Caitlin Ahrens, Dr. Ramin Lolachi, Dr. Natalie Curran and I spoke about our respective work with Apollo lunar samples, what we have learned from orbiting spacecrafts, and how NASA's Artemis missions are providing inspiration for the next generation of explorers.

“Episode 42 – Watch a Total Lunar Eclipse”, NASA Science Live, May 15, 2022

Dr. Ryan Watkins (NASA/HQ) and I were invited to participate in this live event organized by NASA HQ and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, to talk about our roles at NASA and support Q&A from the public regarding lunar science and exploration in the Artemis era.  

Moon in Motion", article published on 

Dr. Joseph Renaud and I served as science advisors for the tides article/animations published at

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